Mediterranean Home Decor Ideas

Mediterranean home decor has been one of several popular style of interior today. All over the world the demands of this style are very high and still rising as a matter of fact. This design was originated from the areas around Mediterranean Sea. The basic of this style was to deal with warm or even hot climate. Yet along with its development and its rising popularity the style has changed a little bit and becomes more aesthetic and artistic instead of functional.

The color of Mediterranean home decor would be one very important aspect. Natural bright colors with warm accent such as the color of sunshine, sea or sands are the common colors. The use of glaring and eye catching colors such as bright red or pink are pretty much avoided. Even the ceiling could be colored as well to add the better accent. Beige is the common color for the ceiling of Mediterranean interior decorating. You are recommended to combine those basic colors to create such balancing tone in a nice harmony to resemble the nature.

Another important part of the Mediterranean home decor is the use of tiles. Patterned tiles, clay, and also whitewashed floors are the commonly found in this interior style. Terracotta, brown, or brick red are the recommended colors for the flooring. They are all resembling earth colors. The use of mosaic border is recommended in combining different tiles colors.

Moreover the presence of texture on the paint especially on the wall is also common to be found in the Mediterranean style home decor. It could be achieved by hand rubbing manually the paint layers. It could produce such unique thickness in uneven surface. T enhance the uneven thickness further such beeswax or dry wall compound can both be used. On the other hand large space is also important characteristics of the Mediterranean home decor so that doors and windows should be having a large opening.